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At Al Ain American School, we believe that all our students are entitled to the highest education in which assessment and record keeping are integral parts to quality teaching and learning. At Al Ain American School, teachers use agreed best practice which supports lessons based on ambitious learning objectives and which sets challenging personal targets alongside rigorous assessments to ensure maximum student progress.

Assessment information at the school enables teachers to plan the most appropriate next steps in students’ learning and to provide support and extension materials as required.

Assessment also provides information for students, which enables them to learn more effectively.


Our aims for assessment at Al Ain American School are to:

  1. Recognize and celebrate a wide range of achievements
  2. Motivate students to improve their learning by involving them in goal setting
  3. Build an expanding collection of evidence which gives a broad picture of each student’s growing academic, social and physical achievements
  4. Establish a more effective partnership involving the student, parent and teacher
  5. Facilitate continuity and effective transfer of information between Grades
  6. Ensure teachers are aware of student’s achievements in order to guide future planning
  7. Ensure effective progression in learning and to facilitate identification of areas of strengths and weakness
  8. Ensure equal access to the curriculum for all students in the school
  9. Support the school in benchmarking progress and attainment against international standards through participating in MAP, PIRLS and EMSA.



At Al Ain American School, assessment is used consistently across the school to raise achievement and record individual student progress. Our assessment policy and practice is underpinned by the firm belief that every learner can improve and can achieve success.

Although different stages of the school will vary slightly in recording methods and frequency of assessments, all will use the following whole-school framework to ensure rigour and validity of assessment judgments.

When do we assess?

  1. As part of every lesson
  2. At the end of a focused piece of writing
  3. At the end of a topic or unit of work
  4. At the start of the new school year (Baseline), January (optional), May (Baseline)
  5. When a student is new to the school
  6. Formally towards the end of each Term
  7. In the period leading up to a reporting time

(updated 23rd Aungust 2021)