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The Role of Physical Education in AAAS goes far beyond the playing of games. The program develops an understanding of the importance of physical activity, health, and well-being to overall life-long wellness. It seeks to emphasize cooperative learning and team work skills as well as a positive competitive spirit and appreciation for individual differences and abilities.


Our Physical Education and Health curriculum is based on the CCSS. The instructional emphasis is on

  • Movement concepts
  • Body management
  • Locomotor movement
  • Manipulative skills
  • Rhythmic skills
  • Fitness concepts
  • Aerobic capacity
  • Muscular strength/Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body composition
  • Assessment
  • Self-responsibility
  • Social interaction
  • Group dynamics


Our youngest athletes at AAAS participate in a PE program that encourages a commitment to daily physical activity and positive health behaviors, as well as providing a foundation of basic movement skills.


PE students in the Elementary School continue to build on the fundamental motor skills they were taught in Early Years, while progressively being introduced to more team games. These team games and teaching of more sport specific skills encourage students to work well in a team setting and also to start strategizing for greater team success.


PE in the Middle School and High School years provide a variety of sporting opportunities to students, developing skills and sportsmanship while striving for excellence and fostering friendship. The challenges of athletic competitions complement the rigors of our AAAS academic courses, and encourages athletes to grow intellectually, socially, and physically. The students also participate in specific health instruction lessons covering topics such as nutrition and healthy habits.