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Welcome to AAAS Elementary School, Grades 1 – 5.

We are devoted to providing a caring educational program that nurtures and motivates each and every student to reach high levels of personal success. We strive not only to challenge, but also to support our students in achieving academic, physical, social and emotional growth. Our main focus is the development of the whole child.


Our caring and qualified teachers undergo training throughout the year in order to provide innovative lessons based on California standards and Ministry of Education standards, making sure that no child is left behind. Our learning program is based on the 21st century skills. It seeks to develop critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration among the learners. It enhances strong communication skills across a range of disciplines.


We are an English language school, with daily instruction in literacy, Mathematics and Science by a Homeroom teacher. Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Social Studies are taught by subject specialized teachers as per the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education. Specialists provide instruction of Innovation and Exploration, Integrated ICT, Library Skills, Visual and Performing Art, and Physical Education and Health.


Our teachers, Head of Elementary School, Social Workers department and Pastoral Care coordinator work together to make sure that your child reach the high level of learning and social growth that you want and expect. Regular on-going communication between the school and home is an important value for us, and we are committed to a strong partnership with parents.


We hope you find the Elementary School to be a positive, supportive, and encouraging learning environment for your child.




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